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Kigali Farmers And Artisans Market

What makes us unique is our mission and passion to create a platform that works for the community. Rwanda, and Africa in general, has loads of potential. By creating this space, we are able to support MSMEs as well as each other, hence developing a more sustainable & scalable working model in the community

We are on 18 KG 599, Rugando, Kigali. If you use Google maps and key in this address, it will guide you directly to our Zero Waste Store - PIMA. However, if you are coming specifically for the market, we have our markets on the 1st and 3rd Sat of month at the same location from 1200-1700hrs

PIMA is a brand by Kigalifaam and our flagship Zero Waste Store. Through this platform, we aim to create a more circular economy as well as reduce our impact to the environment while still remaining true to our mission of supporting MSMEs 

We do this through several ways:

  • We encourage consumers to bring their containers when shopping with us. This allows us to sell products in bulk stored in bins or glass containers.  All our packaged products can be dropped off in our store after use 
  • We have 3 collection points for recyclable items ie Dove International Montessori School in Kigali, Inzu Lodge in Gisenyi and of course our Store in Rugando. We then pass them along to our upcycling partners
  • We collect glass/plastic bottles & jars, tins, clothes for children & young adults, paper, old leather and toilet rolls

The most important thing to note is that we work directly with registered MSMEs that produce products in Rwanda and/or Africa. To learn more details about how to join our platform:

  • click here for our online marketplace
  • click here for our farmers markets

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We are always looking to grow our green community. Click here to learn more or reach out to us on [email protected]