Pima is Swahili for weigh which in our case, can have different meanings; Weigh your choices or maybe weigh the products at our store according to your wallet.
We have always promoted #buylocalsupportlocal but we are also advocates of RRR – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Together, we can create sustainability in the community for you and our vendors through our Pima shop. Come with your jars, containers, reusable bags.. Basically, anything that can store products and we will serve you.
We will also have drop off points for glass jars & bottles, plastic jars & bottles, paper of all kind, and even clothes for children in need
Ways you can reduce your impact through PIMA Zero-Waste shop:
– Come with your containers and reusable bags to shop
– Deposit ‘waste’ that can be recycled or up-cycled in our designated spots at the store
– Reduce food wastage by buying what you need
– Buy water in our returnable glass bottles
What makes our PIMA Zero-Waste Shop unique?
We are trying to address several issues;
– Products aren’t sold individually wrapped, and so all of the excess cardboard and plastic that end up not recycled is swapped for either your own repurposed containers or else glass jars and paper bags available in the shop.
– We strictly support #madeinrwanda and #madeinafrica businesses hence reducing shipping emissions
– Giving our vendors an alternative route to sell their products due to lack of sufficient and/or environmentally friendly packaging
– Giving the community a solution in regards to what they need to do with their ‘waste’. By partnering with local businesses, we ensure that ‘waste’ is actually recycled and/or up-cycled which in turn helps maintain or reduce their cost of production
– Offer a budget-friendly way of shopping since you buy according to your needs
– Buying from PIMA isn’t just about the amount of food you need, but what it is you’re eating.  PIMA supplies wholesome ingredients to create healthier dishes 

Recycling Partners