What is “rent a shelf” ?

Promoting Eco-friendly SMEs & Practising Circular Economy

Rent-a-shelf is a service in our zero-waste shop where we advertise member products and take care of payments and customer service. At the end of each month, we will tally up your sold items and send your money via Mpesa, MOMO or bank transfer with NO commission deductions. It’s that simple

Our shop is located on 23 KG 599 St, Rukiri just 5 min away from RDB

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  • Assigned vendor space for your products with access to cold storage if needed
  • Social media promotion via our page and on the Rush Foods app under PIMA at no extra cost
  • Ready set up shop with POS and dedicated shop manager to track products (you only need to bring your products)
  • Great for improving brand awareness & loyalty
  • A great strategy for test marketing
  • Builds excitement for your products
  • No long-term contracts
  • Monthly pay-outs (no commission)
  • Products on our website
  • Option to attend our monthly farmers market in Kigali Serena Hotel



To use this service, you need to become a Kigali FAAM member. Join here

As a stockist, you will be responsible for the following;

  1. Delivery of stock to our shop on 23 KG 599 St
  2. Provide a full list of delivered stock, with descriptions and prices
  3. Provide correct and up-to-date contact details 
  4. To pay the required amount for the rental of display space, on the date or before In Advance.
  5. Give one month’s notice to vacate your space in the shop. Failure to give notice or if notice is given on or after the rent payment date will mean that rent is due for that month.
  6. Failure to pay rent will create a debt payable by the stockist to PIMA, stock will not be returned to the stockist unless the debt is paid. PIMA may choose to take 35% of sales until rent is paid in full.
  7. To remove stock from the shop once the notice period has ended, unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon in advance. Stock that is not collected on the date specified will be removed from the shelves or continue to be sold at a 35% commission basis until collected/returned to the stockist.
  8. Distance stockists are responsible for covering the cost of returning products by themselves at the end of their contract
  9. Stock must meet the following requirement;
  • All products must be eco-friendly and locally/regionally made
  • Products for sale must not be in breach of any copyright law
  • Products must adhere to any legal regulations. If unsure please speak to trading standards about what regulations you need to meet.


We will be responsible for;

  1. Noting all stock entering the premises, and recording on a stock listing
  2. Keeping records of all sales, and monies owed to the tenant
  3. Ensuring money is paid to the tenant at the end of each month via Mpesa, MOMO or bank transfer
  4. PIMA will be staffed six days a week, from 9am to 7pm, Mon-Sat
    There may be occasions when the shop has to shut. In all instances, we will attempt to contact all tenants to inform them in advance. We will do all we can to try and ensure that this does not happen
  5. Marketing the shop, hosting events and ensuring that customers are in the shop to browse the products.