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Viva Purifaaya


The Purifaaya™ XL is a ceramic water filter proudly made in Uganda. It is an effective, affordable and easy to use solution for your clean drinking water. It works by filtering water through microscopic holes in the ceramic pot, allowing only clean water through with the germs and impurities staying behind.

  • 30-litre Ceramic water filter
  • ~20-litre storage capacity
  • 99.99% effective
  • No need for boiling

Total Capacity: ~30 litres

Number of People: Serves up to fifteen (15) people

Filtration Rate: 3-4 litres per hour

Effectiveness: 99.99% against germs and bacteria

Power Consumption: No need for any power source. Works 24/7

How it works –

1. Pour any type of water into the filter. No need of boiling beforehand

2. Only the clean water will drip down into the container. All germs and impurities remain behind.

3. Take safe drinking water direct from the tap at your convenience. Simple and healthy


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