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ASHANTI-Q No Crunch Curling Gel


Sourced from Kenya 

The word ASHANTI means undefeated while the letter Q stands for Queen, in full Ashanti Q means ‘The Undefeated Queen’.


Applies smoothly like a cream but behaves like a gel giving you defined curls and coils with light-medium hold, without the extra crunch and flaking.
Perfect for curls and coils that need a little help staying defined.


Provides a longer-lasting wash and go by sealing moisture underneath and controlling frizz for a defined curl.

Defines curls and keeps them from opening up through the day

Provides hold to curls so that they don’t fall flat through the day. This is more so important in looser curl patterns.

How to Use:
Damp your hair and split into sections depending on volume and length.

Apply curling gel onto the hair and style as desired, let your hair dry.

Use for wash & go’s, finger coils, bantu knots, twists, braids, twist outs, braid outs and all other styles.

For twist outs and braid outs, undo the twists when the gel is completely dry for stronger definition.

Active Ingredients:

Raw Shea Butter, Moringa Oil & Olive Oil




Additional information


200 gms, 400 gms


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