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Dry Moringa Leaves

Sourced locally and sold per gram

Moringa leaves go well with just about any vegetable dish. Adding a little moringa leaf boosts the nutrition and presentation in just about anything. Add to salads, soups, or your favourite chicken, fish or shrimp dishes at the end of the cooking cycle. It also makes an excellent hot or cold tea. Don’t forget to eat the leaves.


Protecting and nourishing skin and hair, Treating oedema, Protecting the liver, Preventing and treating cancer, Treating stomach complaint, Fighting against bacterial diseases, Helping wounds to heal, Treating diabetes, Treating asthma, Protecting against kidney disorders, Reducing high blood pressure, Improving eye health and Treating anaemia and sickle cell disease.

How to make moringa tea:

Put 1 tablespoon of moringa leaves in a cup, pour boiling water and let steep for 5 minutes


Some of the medications to be particularly aware of are:

Levothyroxine: Used to combat thyroid problems. Compounds in the moringa leaf may aid the thyroid function, but people should not take it in combination with other thyroid medication.
Any medications that might be broken down by the liver: Moringa extract may decrease how quickly this happens, which could lead to various side effects or complications.
Diabetes medications: Diabetes medications are used to lower blood sugar, which moringa also does effectively. It is vital to ensure blood sugar levels do not get too low.
High blood pressure medication: Moringa has shown to be effective at lowering blood pressure. Taking moringa alongside other drugs that lower blood pressure may result in it becoming too low.


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