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Dry Rosemary


Locally sourced and sold per gram

Culinary uses of dried rosemary:

It can be used as a part of mundane sauce or pastry.

Goes well with poultry, lamb, fish, meat, pork, veal, especially when they are roasted.

Rosemary enhances the taste of tomatoes, peas, spinach, squash, mushrooms, eggs, lentils, and cheese,

Dried rosemary is used as a part of salads, marinades, and cream sauces.

Mince or crush the spiky leaves before sprinkling over or rubbing them into dishes.

Goes well with soups, potatoes, and eggplant.

Health Benefits:

Improve memory and increase focus and intelligence.

Rosemary enhances mood, relieving stress in those with chronic anxiety or stress hormone imbalances.

It is powerful against bacterial diseases, especially those in the stomach.

The active parts in rosemary are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic.

A natural solution for constipation, bloating, bloating, diarrhea, or upset stomach.

Rosemary acts as a stimulant and helps the creation of red blood cells.

During urination, the rosemary can increase the effectiveness of releasing the toxins inside the body.


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