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Ki & Vi Teddy Bowl

Our Ki&Vi Teddy Bowl comes in right on time when your little munchkin insists on doing everything himself! Perfectly safe for little ones to handle, it too features an extra sticky suction cup creating a vacuum between the table and your baby’s games of tug-of-bowl and go-fetch-the-bowl games! We ensure things will not easily end up on the floor and will allow your little one to have lots of fun feeding – all while you can enjoy that well-deserved rest.

What makes our Teddy Bowl so amazing?

  • They too are eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable, and extra durable
  • Made of top-quality BPA free silicone, free from all the nasty chemicals
  • They are playful yet minimalistic
  • Dishwasher safe and super easy to clean
  • Oven safe & microwavable
  • They are not prone to bacteria/mold accumulation, and are also hypoallergenic
  • They can be used from 1st feeding stages all the way into toddlerhood


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Pebble, Powder Rose, Sage, Spiced Pumpkin, Taupe


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