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KigaliFAAM Gold Membership


Membership fee of Rwf 50,000 valid for 6 months

Option of joining our monthly market at 20k per market/35k for 2 markets for the duration of the membership

Virtual card with your business name and number for use when getting partner deals

Personalised flyer for all your market attendance

15% discount for business printing needs from Sharaz limited

1 hr free lawyer consultation from Hamasisha Law Firm

10% Discount on food/drinks at Cave cafe

Notifications on funding/grant opportunities and business accelerator programs

Stall discounts during festivals or more significant events

Can share vendor space with another silver or gold member

Addition on the KigaliFAAM website as a member with a link to your profile

Option to have products listed on Rush Foods at a flat monthly rate of 25k per month. No commission is deducted and unlimited delivery.  If interested in this service, click here

Option to rent-a-shelf for Rwf 25k per month in our Zero Waste Shop on 23 KG 599 St, Rukiri, 5 min from RDB. Read more about it here


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