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Shelled Pistachio Nuts

Sourced from South Africa and sold per gram

Pistachios have a rich, earthy taste, and while they aren’t quite as versatile as other nuts, they can be eaten a number of ways:

As a snack. Eating pistachios plain is arguably the most common way they are enjoyed, either raw or roasted.
Over salads. Shelled pistachios (either whole or chopped) are often sprinkled over lettuce or arugula salads. Pistachios can also be puréed and mixed with oil and herbs to make a creamy salad dressing.
Ground into sauces. Ground pistachios are popular as a base for sauces and dips, like pistachio-yogurt sauce.
Added to bread dough. Ground pistachios can be added to bread dough to give it a thicker texture with extra protein.
In desserts. Chopped pistachios are commonly mixed into or sprinkled atop desserts like ice cream, cake, truffles, and pastries. Pistachio flavoring is also a common dessert ingredient—it is most well-known as the flavoring for pistachio ice cream and gelato, but it is very versatile and can be mixed into almost any dessert.

Eating pistachios can offer a variety of health benefits. Pistachios are filled with healthy fats, fatty acids, and vitamins. A single serving of pistachios (around one ounce) has been found to be a good source of:

Antioxidants. Pistachios have some of the highest levels of antioxidants, including vitamin E, of any other nut.
Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the body process protein, carbs, and fat, and is essential for keeping the brain and immune system healthy.
Protein. Pistachios have more essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) than many other nuts, making them a great protein supplement and filling snack.
Dietary fiber. Pistachios are a rich source of dietary fiber, which contributes to gastrointestinal health.
In addition, pistachios are one of the lowest-calorie nuts, so they’re a great alternative for a healthy snack compared to calorie-dense nuts like almonds.

How to prepare pistachio nuts on stovetop

Place a nonstick skillet on the stove on medium heat. Use a skillet that is wide and has raised sides so the pistachios do not fall out of the skillet. Make sure it has a nonstick coating so the nuts do not get stuck to the pan.

You do not need to put any cooking spray or butter in the skillet. Roasting the nuts in a dry skillet is more effective.

Put the pistachios in the skillet. Place them in an even layer on the skillet. Check that the pistachios lay flat on the skillet and are not on top of each other

Stir them constantly so they do not burn. As they start to roast, stand over the stove and use a spoon or a spatula to stir them around. You can also shake the skillet lightly by holding the handle and shifting the skillet around. This will ensure the nuts roast properly and do not get too hot.

Remove the pistachios once they turn light brown. This can take 6 to 8 minutes, depending on your stove. The pistachios will give off a nutty, roasted smell when they are done


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