A Guide To Understanding Rwandan Culture - 2nd Edition

This book will help anyone visiting, or relocating to Rwanda to understand general Rwandan cultural behaviors, perceptions, and mannerisms and be able to relate well and enjoy their stay in Rwanda with as little culture shock as possible. The book also contains some valuable information about Rwandan history and society and additional useful resources for living, working and spending time in Rwanda.

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About The Author

Justin Ngoga is a certified cultural intelligence trainer and the first Rwandan to be certified in the field.  He launched his Rwandan social enterprise, Impact Route, to provide cultural awareness and cultural intelligence training in a bid to bridge cultural gaps and facilitate cross-cultural interaction.

Prior to starting Impact Route, Justin worked with the US Peace Corps in 2012 as a language and cross-cultural facilitator. In 2013-14, he worked as an academic program officer with a Study Abroad program in Rwanda. In 2014-16, Justin was the training lead with One Acre Fund. And in 2016-2019, he was the In-Country Director for Kivu Gap Year in Rwanda.

About The Book

Features of the Book:

30 cultural tips you should know to interact with Rwandans 

    • Greetings
      • Shaking hand
      • Hugging
    • Indirect
    • Formal 
    • Non expressive
    • Age proud
    • Names & Meanings
    • Borrowing money from friends
    • Physical appearance
    • Tipping at restaurants 
    • etc…
  • Recurring events
  • Brief history of Rwanda
  • Rwanda home grown solutions
  • 50 useful Kinyarwanda phrases

Justin Ngoga´s interview by Unapologetic Nomads

Features of the free E-Book:

While relocating to a new country offers new adventures and experiences, it surely also comes with some tough challenges especially in the first months as people figure out the day to day life in their new country and culture. The information in this book will help people relocating to Rwanda smoothly adapt to the way of living in Rwanda with minimal relocation shock. Here is some of the information featured in this book: 

Brief History of Rwanda | Administrative Structure of Rwanda | Rwanda Borders and Surface | Rwanda Population | Languages | Weather in Rwanda | Bank and Currencies | Business Hours | Visa | Safety and Security In Rwanda | Essential Telephone Numbers | Health Care Services | Shopping Groceries | Online Shopping | Clothing | Household Items and Furniture | Houses and Apartments | Real Estate Agents | Security Guards | Street Numbers | Water | Electricity | Community Security and Trash Pick UP Contribution | Satellite TV | Internet | Pets Care | Find a Domestic Help | Finding a house | Home furniture | Rwanda Education System | Private International Schools | Bookstores | Newspapers | Official Holidays In Rwanda | Leisure and In-Country Trips | Recreation Facilities and Options for Children | Recurring Events and Festivals | Cultural Artifacts Events and Foods

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A Guide To Understanding Rwandan Culture - 2nd Edition

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